How HeartByte's writing copilot works

Using HeartByte to write fiction is like collaborating with your own personal writing studio. The process is iterative, allowing you to enhance your story step by step with HeartByte's assistance.

Imagine you've written a simple sentence like, "John went to three interviews and got rejected from all of them." You can ask HeartByte to revise by saying, "Make it more vivid with interesting details, and add two characters."

Or, if you're stuck on how to portray your character being bullied at school, you can turn to HeartByte to help brainstorm. Just say, "Brainstorm ways Kim is bullied at school. Add some plot twists and dialogues, making the bullying seem harsher."

This way, you're in the driver's seat, driving the story forward with HeartByte by your side to enrich and overcome any creative blocks.

See how easy that is?

Basic functions

Revise: The 'Revise' function is likely to be the most frequently used for writers. It generates a new version of the chapter by incorporating two things: 1. the content of the existing chapter and 2. your new instructions of how you would like to revise it.

Brainstorm-plot: Brainstorm function is straightforward: if you can't think of something, you have HeartByte do it for you.

Select and Revise: Sometimes, when revising, you might not want to wait for the whole chapter to be revised by Heartbyte. Instead, you're looking to make changes to just a specific sentence or paragraph. That's exactly what the 'Select and Revise' feature is for.

Here's how to use it:
1. Highlight the section you want to revise.
2. Click on the 'Select' button. You'll see the slider automatically move from 'Update the entire chapter' to 'Update the highlighted part'.
3. Enter any specific instructions for revision, then hit 'Go - revise the highlighted part'.
4. You can copy and paste the revised section back to where you need it on the left side."

These three functions are all you need to get started!

Advanced Functions

Add conflict: Add conflict between characters. You can say something like: "Add conflict between Joan and Betty when Joan discovered Betty lied to her."

Add dialogues: Add dialogues between characters. You can say something like: "Add funny and sarcastic dialogues between the billionaire and his lawyer."

Brainstorm-names: This is when you can't think of a good name for a person/place/or anything that has a name. You can ask HeartByte something like: "Think of a name for Richard's friend who is a trust fund boy from Dubai."

Brainstorm-descriptions:This is when you don't want to write descriptions yourself. You can ask HeartByte something like: "Describe what Juliet looked like when she entered the royal grand ball" or "Describe what General Anton felt when his army were all killed."

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